THATCamp Kentucky doesn’t have a specific theme. It’s goal is to create a space for sharing and connecting for those living in and around Kentucky. The closest THATCamp previous has always been at least a six-hour drive, so we wanted an opportunity for those living within a reasonable driving distance to be able to attend a THATCamp more affordably.

This is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in the intersection of technology and the humanities. You can read more about it on the main THATCamp website. Registration is free and we just ask that you bring your laptop or tablet.

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  1. I would like to explore the arts connection with technology more. With the advent of computer programs for composing music, and with the abiltity to hear the “correct” chords through the computer program, what will be the future of teaching, learning, composing, and performing music? In this sesion, we’ll explore this topic with respect to visual and aural arts. I would also be interested in other arts and the ability to use technology to synthesize the experiences in the arts and other subjects.

  2. I have another topic I’d like to discuss related to learning in authentic ways. How can various technological media promote student understanding that the learning they have from period to period is actually, in real life, all integrated information? Anyone interested in thinking of ways to make that learning happen via technology might want to come to this session.

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