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Posts from participants proposing a session.

Fine Arts and Tech

From Tim Connor: I would like to explore the arts connection with technology more. With the advent of computer programs for composing music, and with the abiltity to hear the “correct” chords through the computer program, what will be the … Continue reading

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Tech and Authentic Learning

From Tim Connor: I have another topic I’d like to discuss related to learning in authentic ways. How can various technological media promote student understanding that the learning they have from period to period is actually, in real life, all … Continue reading

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Collect, Collate, and Code

What strategies, tools, theories do you use to collect, collate, and code your digital data for your research projects? I have a large collection of student artifacts including journal and blog posts as well as open-ended survey responses. I am … Continue reading

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Community, collaboration, and learning in/with/through social media

I would love to discuss building/creating a sense of community in an online class. Can it be done? How? What are the essential ingredients? I believe community is essential to learning and especially learning to write, but what are the … Continue reading

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