While in Lexington…

THATCamps are in part about hacking, and so for this un-conference, we don’t have an official conference hotel. Having said that, any hotel in the downtown Lexington area will be within close distance to the University. If you are a Kentucky state employee, then please remember to mention that when you make your reservation. You can also find good deals on Lexington hotels at Hotwire.com. I currently have a call out to UK Residences to see if there are any available for you to stay in.

As for parking, because it’s the weekend, any of the parking on campus is free. I recommend the lot just beside the Student Center.

There are plenty of food options surrounding the campus for both lunch and dinner during your stay. We will be providing snacks during the day. Also, bring your own water bottle, as there are filling stations all over campus.

I will be updating this page as we get closer to the date!

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