This schedule is TENTATIVE. The great thing about an un-conference is that we can change what we want to do on the fly, as we need to. During the planning phase on Saturday morning, we will also discuss how long we want each session to be.

Saturday, June 1
9:00-10:00 – Registration and Settling in Student Commons Area in the R.G. Anderson Building (Engineering Complex –
10:30-11:00 – Opening Remarks/Introduction to THATCamp
11:00-11:30 – Set the Schedule
11:30-12:30 – Lunch
12:30-4:30 – THATCamp Sessions in the William J. Young Library

Sunday, June 2
9:00-11:30 – THATCamp Sessions – location TBA
11:30-12:30 – Lunch
12:30-2:30 – Final Sessions in the William J. Young Library
2:30-3:30 – Final Wrap-up/Sharing Sessions

2 Responses to Schedule

  1. Rick Mott says:

    I am interested in hearing what types of apps (android or iOS) people have proposed/conceived that would help students learn the humanities. I am working on two iOS app proposals: one connects geospatially-located digital artifacts with plot points in a Native American novel (Ceremony) set in New Mexico; the other permits students to create their own geospatially-oriented apps designed to enhance novels by connecting digital artifacts to specific geographic points.

  2. Carrie Coaplen says:

    So Hey! Great first day. Whereabouts are we meeting up tomorrow? I noticed that the location on the schedule is still listed as TBA. Should I assume more library action? Hope everyone had/is enjoying their night! See you tomorrow somewhere if I find ya THAT campers!

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