It’s Almost Time!

The clock is ticking down on the dates for THATCamp Kentucky. I have updated the “While in Lexington” page, as well as added a “Schedule” page.

When you registered for THATCamp Kentucky, you received a username and access to this website. Now is the time to start proposing what it is you would like to do/learn/discuss during our time together. You can find some great examples of how others have used the site to propose topics by looking at past THATCamp sites. So, propose away! It doesn’t even have to be a fully-formed session, just what you’d like to do or share during the weekend.

I will be posting what I’d be interested in sharing with the group later this week.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at .

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I am an English Instructor in Morehead, KY; I am @readywriting on Twitter; and I am interested in how technology can be used to share and create knowledge.

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  1. Yahoo! So excited to meet everyone! I’ve also advertised this as a Wikimeetup – set it for Saturday, 1-3 p.m. Check out the info page at

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