Privacy/Security and Reputation management

There is an increasing emphasis on creating, using, and encouraging students and others to use online tools for all manner of teaching, learning, and connecting. For example, some instructors and advisors encourage students to use citation managers like Zotero or Mendeley when writing research papers. Some journalism, writing, and visual communication classes use WordPress or tumblr as part of the curriculum to get students to create portfolios and share work. Students are also encouraged to use social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for various educational and professional purposes. I would be remiss here if I failed to mention the use of systems like Blackboard and Moodle for class discussions, etc.

It is, therefore, important to discuss how individuals may safely and successfully use these technologies in education and beyond. This session would be a discussion of best practices in using technology to protect privacy and reputation.

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About Jasmine McNealy

My background is in social science fields like law and mass communication in which I study issues with social media and technology. I am also interested in the ethical issues with social media and technology as well. I will be an Assistant Professor in the new ICT Program in the University of Kentucky's School of Library and Information Science in the fall.